GREAT Names for GREAT Britain: APPCG welcomes VisitBritain CEO

The APPCG recently welcomed Sally Balcombe, Chief Executive of VisitBritain, to present the organisation’s GREAT Names for GREAT Britain campaign.

Ms Balcombe shared details of the campaign with members of the APPCG including Chairman Richard Graham MP, alongside Stephen Mosley MP, Roger Williams MP, Lord Steel, Lord Cotter, and Lord Clement-Jones, to name a few. The Parliamentarians were interested to hear from Ms Balcome about the work of the campaign to promote tourist destinations across the UK, by encouraging Chinese people to come up with Mandarin names for as many as 101 popular destinations.


Following a presentation of the campaign video (below), there was lively and interesting discussion over how the campaign can help drive more visitors to Britain, and to ensure that more Chinese tourists are encouraged to discover the best that our beautiful country has to offer.

The names for the 101 featured points of interest were subsequently unveiled by VisitBritain, to coincide with the Chinese New year.

More details are available via the official press release.