Richard Graham MP & APPCG Welcome Government Support for Hinkley Point C

Richard Graham MP and the All Party Parliamentary China Group have welcomed the government’s support for the Hinkley Point C power plant to be jointly developed by EDF and the China General Nuclear Power (CGN)-led Chinese consortium.

Chairman of the All Party Group Richard Graham said, “I think it’s absolutely right that the government has decided to go ahead with this project. Hinkley Point C is a key investment in UK infrastructure and energy capacity providing 7% of Britain’s electricity that helps secure our future energy needs. And as the first nuclear power plant here for over 20 years it will grow our skills and ability to lead in carbon free and domestically sourced nuclear energy. It is also quite right that the government has regulations in place about the security of such vital infrastructure.”

Under an agreement between the Chinese consortium and EDF Energy, the CGN-led Chinese consortium holds a one-third stake in the project. Richard Graham added “whilst there will be no Chinese involvement in the day to day operations of the nuclear plant, this investment will give Chinese nuclear companies valuable experience of UK corporate governance and how nuclear energy is regulated in the West. This is good for them, for us and for the future safety of nuclear energy in the world.”