Life Online: The Power of China’s Expanding Cyber-Society

Date: Monday, 27th October 2014
Time: 16.00-17.00
Venue: Committee Room 8, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

Chaired by Richard Graham MP (Chairman of the APPCG)

  • Sam Flemming (Founder and CEO, Kantar Media CIC)
  • Isabel Hilton (CEO and Editor, China Dialogue)

Following Alibaba’s historic U.S. IPO, more and more people are turning their eyes towards the enormous market represented by Chinese social media users. According to some reports, the number of Chinese citizens using social media exceeds 600 million: that is close to ten times the population of the UK. How companies are making the most of this space, what consumers are talking about, how consumers get information, find entertainment, socialise, connect, and shop are all intertwined issues which present an unprecedented challenge, and opportunity, for foreign firms.

Beyond the corporate realm, these developments reflect a society and culture that is fundamentally changing. China is experiencing an equally tremendous growth in citizen journalism, and more broadly “information sharing” – a tool with enormous capacity for influence and change, which must be more fully understood if it is to be successfully harnessed.

Discussing these issues will be Sam Flemming, who founded Kantar Media CIC in 2004 before steering it into its current position as both a thought and market leader in providing social business intelligence in China. Sam has been an important figure in China’s digital (r)evolution for over 15 years, starting with, the first online payment platform in China. Sam will be joined by Isabel Hilton, a London-based international journalist and broadcaster, and founder, CEO and editor of – a non-profit, fully bilingual online publication based in London, Beijing, and Delhi.