Why does the APPCG need sponsorship?

The APPCG is one of the most active and ambitious of the All Party Parliamentary Groups. We aim to have frequent meetings and to organise at least two trips a year to China so that parliamentarians are better briefed and able to join the discussions and debates on China and Asia in general.

It is thanks to our sponsors that we are able to conduct these visits, and we rely on their support in providing this opportunity for parliamentarians to understand China better, supporting and furthering stronger UK-China bilateral relations.

What are the benefits of becoming a sponsor of the APPCG?

First and foremost, we hope that organisations will offer financial support to the APPCG because they share its overarching goal of strengthening links between China and the UK.

For organisations that support the aims of the group, there are a number of opportunities for further involvement. While the group cannot arrange meetings with Ministers or other Parliamentarians in exchange for sponsorship, supporting organisations can engage in the following ways:

  • Attending or designing APPCG events
  • Providing input into the organisation and content of APPCG events
  • Contributing speakers at events
  • Briefing members on topics of key interest
  • Hosting high-level delegations from China
Our sponsors

We would like to thank our current sponsors for their generous contributions, and for working with us to promote the APPCG as a platform for discussing all issues of importance to the UK-China relationship:

ArupCambridge Assessment
City of London
Want to find out more?

If you are interested in sponsoring the All Party Parliamentary China Group please contact us.